Community Guidelines

Last Updated: May 20, 2019

Foto is bringing the fun back into posting photos. We are a community that allows you to express yourself in a bigger, better way. It’s awesome to have you here. Before you start posting, let’s set some ground rules:

Have Fun Together

Foto reaches further than the individual. It’s not just about posting fotos, it's about interacting with each other in a whole new way to create lasting friendships.

Post Through a Positive Lens

We are an online community that spreads positivity. Foto will not tolerate bullying, defamation, impersonation, or abuse of anyone. Hate speech towards any group of people and any will be removed and will result in removal of your account.

Double Tap Worthy

Foto displays your content in a bigger, better way to make your content the most double-tap worthy. Foto is a place to post awesome content, so think before you post something! No posting nudity, violence, or anything sexually explicit. We value honesty, cheating the system to get more likes, comments, or followers will result in your fotos and account being deleted.


Long story short- treat others with respect, be positive, have fun, and let’s make this the best community in the world! Well… what are you waiting for? Go share more!

Contact us

Please contact with any additional questions or feedback you may have.